One-to-One Coaching

Are you trapped by strict religion even after getting out?

Do you feel locked in a controlling relationship?

Is it time to take reclaim your power in your life?

Did you say said “yes” to any of these questions? Yes means it is time to make the first steps towards building a new life. Here is the road map to your new life and the process I use to support you.

  1. Untangle what is important to YOU in your life
  2. Uncover your existing strengths
  3. Connect you with what will truly motivate you to action
  4. Create an individualized – My Authentic Purpose
  5. Have doable and measurable next steps in every session

How to start:

Speaks and Workshops

Looking for a new way to engage your employees? Are you not sure about which workshop is right for your organization? Schedule a call to find out what custom program works for you.

Signature Topics

Libby Training
  • Build Resilience From Within
  • Beyond Problems for Managers
  • Beyond Problems in Everyday Life
  • Diffuse Conflict
  • Exclusion Recovery
  • Life By Design

New Offers

Support By Donation

If you are interested in any of the subjects above for your company please call me, 226-838-9772.

Libby on C-Suite

Call and find out what can be created to suit your crew!

Online Courses

Self- study can be the best way to begin your emotional wellness journey. Here is what is offered through the Listening Tree Academy

Reclaim Your Power – Recovery from Shunning

Reclaim Your Power – Recovery from Shunning is an online self-study course designed for individuals who have been marginalized or shunned by their friends, family and/or community. This could be for any reason be it different lifestyle, different world views – anything really. The course was originally designed for former Jehovah’s Witnesses. The content is easily transferable to other areas of shunning and marginalization.

Reclaim Your Power – Recovery from Shunning

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