Be Free to Live Your Own Life!

Are you in a place of hurt and worry, where you are not sure what the next steps are?

Are you still spiritually minded and want to be free to live your own life?

Do you find that you struggle to feel worthy of respect?

Have you had an experience of trying to survive a highly controlling relationship, community, workplace or religion and not known how to move forward from that?

Are you lacking self-confidence that you need to move forward?

If you have found yourself nodding or saying yes to any of the above then it is time to Reclaim the Power for Your Life!

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You may be very aware of the pain and disruptive transitions have in peoples lives.  Libby helps individuals find clarity and new perspectives that connects individuals with their strengths & values so they can create a new life that is truly their own.

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“I am Libby Pease – Clairvoyant Coach and  Life Transformation  Specialist. My core principles are Creativity, Truth and Freedom and I bring these into everything I do. Because of this, I am committed to serving others by helping my people to find clarity, create an authentic new life purpose, forge new belief systems and trust their intuition. This enables individuals to find freedom and live their true lives with happiness & joy.”

“My unique purpose:  I am the Clairvoyant who lights the path for those who will transform the world!”


Honours BA in Psychology with a minor focus on Women’s Studies and Theology

20 years of crisis response experience in Southwestern Ontario

Trained and facilitated programs for crisis responders for over 20 years

Certified ACC Level Life Coach through the International Coaching Federation

Member of Psychology Today

Left the Jehovah’s Witness Cult and divorced in the early 2000s


Supporting EX- Jehovah’s Witnesses who are still spiritually-minded, lacking self-confidence, struggling to feel worthy of respect and want to be free to live their own lives.

Supporting Leaders who are struggling with disruptive transitions in their lives and are motivated to create a new life purpose, find new perspectives and clarity for moving forward.


It is the dawn of a new day!  Connect with your new life of possibilities!  I invite you to start this journey today!

Book a Reclaim Your Power Strategy Session, join a class and more.  Click here to find out more!


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P.S. I am so inspired by the landscape, flora and fauna of Canada that I have partnered up with a very talented artist to create Oracle cards for the North.  These cards will not only feature the nature of the North but will also support you to build your own intuition.   Imagine learning to trust your inner voice when you pull one of these beautiful cards.  Pre-sale is on now who want to support this project from the grassroots.

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  1. Toptan Koli says:

    I have learn so much with you guys, live longer and prosper my friends.

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