Feel like a black sheep in your family?

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Would you like to find a way to build personal connections while being accepted for who you are?

Are you a creative person who knows that there is a purpose to your life? Would you like support to gain clarity so you can follow that path?

If you said yes or found yourself nodding your head then it is time to Reclaim Your Power for Life?

Libby supports creative people who are committed to moving forward in their life and are looking for a safe space to address feelings of isolation and receive validation for their intuitive gifts.

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I am Coach Libby Pease ACC, my core principles are Creativity, Truth and Freedom and I bring these into everything I do. Because of this, I am committed to serving others by helping my people to be creative in finding their own authentic life purpose, beliefs and truth. This enables individuals to find freedom and live their true lives with happiness & joy.

My unique purpose is to be the spark that ignites the flow of authenticity for those who will transform the world!


Honours BA in Psychology with a minor focus on Women’s Studies and Theology

20 years of crisis response experience in Southwestern Ontario

Trained and facilitated programs for crisis responders for over 20 years

Certified ACC Level Life Coach through the International Coaching Federation

Communities I love to Support:

Creative individuals

Individuals who are struggling with life transitions like divorce, moving, changing careers

Individuals who have emerged from a strict religion and are looking to build a new life

Frontline responders who are feeling burnt out and want to rekindle their drive for life

Individuals with strong intuition who want to learn more about their intuitive gifts

Caregivers who are looking to find themselves again

Individuals who have experienced trauma and completed their therapy, wondering where to go from here

It is the dawn of a new day!  Connect with your new life of possibilities!  I invite you to start this journey today!

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