A Comfortable Place to Be Authentic

You already value wellness in your life and in your workplace; it is time to take it to a new level. Wellness is more than just moving your body and eating right.

Whether in a full conference room or working individually, Libby creates a comfortable place so you can be authentic. This is an important element of her workshops, talks and individual coaching sessions. Imagine you are walking in a beautiful forest or wooded area and you have the freedom to be who you truly are. With the sense that you are being fully heard by the trees that surround you.

Providing Emotional Wellness talks, one-to-one coaching and workshops to businesses, organizations and individuals, because emotionally well employees; are more innovative, stay with your organization longer and are more productive.

Meet Libby

Libby Pease

Libby is an Emotional Wellness and Reclaim Your Power Coach. She is an internationally certified coach with the ICF and has experience in facilitation and management in distress centres and victim services.

She has spoken on emotional health, wellness and communication with OMAFRA, Caledon Dufferin Victim Services, the University of Guelph Wellness Centre, the Association of Animal Shelter Administrators of Ontario and more. Libby provides a safe space to talk about important subjects and participants walk away with knowledge and know-how.

In her one-to-one coaching, she specializes in supporting individuals who have experienced high control communities, families, relationships and workplaces. This would include the following:

  • people who have emerged from strict or fundamentalist religions or communities
  • domestic violence
  • strict workplaces

Supporting them to recognize strengths, connect to personal values and create a road map to their lives.