We did an exercise where I imagined my ideal scenario (becoming a genetic counsellor) and it was the first time I could really feel the joy the role would bring me. I had a really difficult application process with lots of rejection, but remembering how great the end result would feel helped anchor me and push me through. I was accepted into a program. I’m so excited to be on this path and wanted to let you know how much that exercise in particular helped me….from personal experience I know you’re great at it!

-Suzanna T, San Fransisco CA

I can’t comment enough on how amazing Libby is. She has a heart of gold and very eager to learn what she doesn’t understand.

Prior to Libby being my life coach I had known her through  distress/ crisis lines and she not only saved my life, she had taught me to understand my own emotions. Through her support and facilitating processing whatever has been troubling me she has been able to keep me on track and she has helped me understand how to love myself in those moments where I cannot love myself.

Take a step of faith. I have about 10 years of knowing Libby and she will surprise you by how much she cares for you and your well being.

Darby K, Kitchener, ON

“The last several years I was suffocating with overwhelming procrastination in a few areas of my life. Coaching sessions with Libby’s gentle guiding approach, have brought me to a new levels of awareness that have liberated me from immobilization!   I’m on FIRE! The sessions have brought a refreshing new perspective on how I manage my life.  Libby–where have you been all my life!?!  “

– Tonya B, Cambridge ON

Without reservation I can recommend Elizabeth Pease’s services. She provided both excellent professional and sensitive emotional support to my veterinary team.”

-Marie M., Veterinarian & Business Owner, Owen Sound, ON

“I worked with Libby a while back at a crisis line, and she has been an enduring positive influence on my life. She is everything she claims to be and more: endlessly kind and hard working, creative, intelligent, and deeply insightful. She is one of the world’s truly compassionate people. She’s spent her adult life working in not -for – profit and working away tirelessly for the benefit of others. Libby is a beautiful person and she will undoubtedly change your life for the better.”

– Jessica T., Photographer, Kitchener, ON

“I loved working with Libby. I had great insights during our call. I definitely recommend working with her!”

Rachel S., Writer & Marketing, Dallas, TX

I signed up for Libby’s class as I was grieving being shunned by my only daughter. I had made progress and thought I had conquered the hurt and grief but then the tears hit for weeks. I saw Libby’s class and took it as a sign that I need this. I have only listened to a few lessons so far and I can say I am so happy I signed up for this. Libby along with her expertise conveys true caring. Her information is based on her experience and her education in psychology and coaching. I am looking forward to all my lessons. Already I feel a sense of relief and the tears have stopped for now. I know my life is mine and I need to make the best of it. I didn’t leave the high control group to just have a mediocre life. I try to keep growing and when those stuck places come I am so happy there are people like Libby waiting to help. I highly recommend this coarse.

  • Bess K., Photographer, SC


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