Reclaim Your Power Strategy Session

This session is an introduction call that allows you to learn more about coaching get crystal clear on what you are hoping to achieve from the coaching experience and exploring options for moving forward.

Part of coaching is to support you to be able to support yourself as you continue down the path of your life! Although clients keep in contact and may renew for smaller packages during times of big transitions or shifts, they are able to “coach” themselves after they have learned the skills during their coaching experience. Most contracts and renewals are complete by 9 to 14 months.  This is not your traditional therapy!

Listening Tree Academy

This is an online self-study platform to provide individuals with information, community and some practical first steps.

Check out our available courses:

Announcing Listening Tree Academy


  • Reclaim Your Power Strategy Session
  • Goals & Values Mapping Session(s)
  • Coaching Sessions – 30 to 45 minute Sessions
  • Emergent Mini Sessions – quick 10-minute calls
  • Emotional Support Sessions – 20 to 45 minute Sessions that provide emotional support when emotions are too high to coach
  • Workshops – in person & online
  • Listening Tree Academy – self-development online study courses
  • Groups and Meet Up style Connections
    • Walk A-Way For Good
    • Ex- JW Kindle Your Own Spark
  • Speaking / Training

Services are made into custom packages to fit your goals and schedule. Smaller test packages are also available.   Please contact me to find out more!

Rekindle Your Goals & Values Mapping Sessions

  • 2- 1 ½ hour sessions that give you a birds-eye view of what is presently important in your life.  From this first session, you can get a clear idea of your values and then create the goals that are truly important to you.  Goals & Values Mapping Sessions provide a baseline of where you are right now and will help to show you how far you have come through your coaching experience
  • This can be a stand-alone session or as an initial package session to clarify the direction you want to go with your life

Spark Your Genius Walking Sessions

When I am in nature I notice that inspiration flows easily. Are you looking for inspiration and change in your life? Let’s take a walk & talk it out! There are limited sessions per month!

Hugs are Free with all in-person sessions, wellness fairs and workshops – don’t be shy to ask!

Ask about payment options and package prices.

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