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Over the last 20 years, I have helped thousands of people in crisis as a crisis responder.  Now as a Certified Life Coach and experienced facilitator, I support people in creating the lives they want, so they don’t find themselves in that same level of crisis.

I have been in the same shoes as more than half of my clients.  I was a Jehovah’s Witness for 10 years.  When I decided to leave my marriage, I also left the Watchtower Society.  This decision was not easy.  For months I agonized over the decision, can I leave all my supports behind, including a husband I still loved?  The emotional and psychological abuse became too much, and I remember breaking my favourite dish on the counter when I finally said, “I am DONE!”  That day I lost my husband, my home, my family & friends and my job. It took me many years to pick up the pieces and with the help of a few amazing mentors and coaches, I finished my Honours Psychology Degree and Life Coaching Certification education, built my coaching practice and supported my daughter to grow into a strong independent woman!

Why do I care so much? Because I know the value Ex Jehovah’s Witnesses have, to change the world once they have had the chance to heal the pain, build new purpose and find happiness and joy.  The WHOLE WORLD will benefit from the gifts that these amazing individuals have to offer.

But the problem is that there are SO many Ex Jehovah’s Witnesses who often suffer from anger, pain and betrayal that can immobilize them.  Many find themselves in isolation for many years like I did.

That’s why I feel vulnerable sharing about the goal I’ve set for the next 90 days. It’s a big goal My goal is to have 20 Ex Jehovah’s Witnesses register for a Free Rebuild Your Life Discovery Session!  During this confidential time together, I will help you get crystal clear about where you are now regarding your emotional pain and loss, where you want to be and that vision you want for yourself.  I will give you some powerful information to get you closer to the life with happiness and joy.

I want to help. That’s why I am offering the gift of Free Rebuild Your Life Discovery Session.

So… Will you hold this vision for 20 Ex Jehovah’s Witnesses sharing in these gifts?

And, if you know any Ex Jehovah’s Witnesses struggling to build the life they want, will you share this post with them?

I would LOVE to offer them the gift of a Free Rebuild Your Life Discovery Session.

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